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I make all appointments via text messaging.  

When you text me for an appointment (203.609.1714), please include the following information in your text:

  • Location Desired: (Scottsdale or Ahwatukee)
  • Insurance Providers Accepted: (Cigna, BCBS of AZ, Aetna, United HC private, and now ComPsych! Coming soon TriCare and Magellan) 
    • If you are using insurance - call your insurance to find out your behavioral health benefits and let me know your deductible and co-payment amount
  • Type of Service Requested: (Coaching, Counseling, Mediation, Workshop, or Speaking Engagement)
  • Date Range and Time Preferred
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    • For intake paperwork scroll down...
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Billing or Insurance Questions? 

Please contact my assistant Jenny for billing questions or to sign up for the waiting list.  She is available on M/W/F. 


Scottsdale Clients

I am back at 6991 E. Camelback Road

Next Door to Mastro's City Hall 

Important Notes: 

  • I am currently in network with BCBS of Arizona, Aetna, MHN, United (Private coverage), and Cigna 
  • I am licensed in NJ and Arizona
  • Face Time and Phone Sessions are available for both states 
  • Office Locations: 4435 E Chandler Blvd (Phoenix) and 6991 E. Camelback Road (Scottsdale) 
  • Ahwatukee Office Hours are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 
  • Scottsdale Office Hours are Wednesdays/Fridays (and some Sundays for Workshops) 
  • The Tukee Teen Talk Group is on Saturdays at 10:00 - $30 per group cash (returning in January) 
  • The Codependency Group is held on Thursdays at 6pm - $30 per group, Ahwatukee 
  • Relationship Coaching Workshops are available upon request (minimum of 5 hours) 
  • It is critical check with your insurance company to find out your 'behavioral health' benefits including total coverage amount, deductible amount, and co-payment amount prior to our session 
  • DJ only makes appointments via text messaging; consultations are in-person (regular fee) 
  • Once you have an appointment set up, you will need to complete the intake paperwork (see link below)
  • Please be mindful there is a less than 24 hour cancellation fee (same rate as session)
  • A credit card must be kept on file for cancellations and phone sessions 
  • Please be mindful texting is not HIPAA protected (so be careful what content you text me). You can learn more about HIPAA by visiting: https://psychcentral.com/search/?q=hipaa
  • For my credentials, please visit me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dejayebotkin-ma-lpc-ncc-dbtc-ctp-4715a784/ 
  •  You can also visit me on Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/dejaye-botkin-lpc-scottsdale-az/113727

Reading Recommendations!

Welcome to the Webpage for Dejaye Botkin

-I am a Licensed Professional Counselor
-I am a Certified Mediator
-I am Certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy & Trauma Recovery

-I am an Arizona Clinical Supervisor

I Founded the Following Programs:


Extinguishing Fear & Traumatic Stress for life coaching, mediation, and psychotherapy 

@extinguishfearandtrauma on Instagram

The House of Validation for codependency recovery and marriage recovery 

@theHouseofValidation on Instagram

A Toast of Luxury @toastlux18 on Instagram

New Jersey:

Sparta Teen Talk 

DJB Counseling LLC

The Juvenile Accountability and Leadership Program 

Office Locations in Arizona:

-Regus Offices: Moved back to 6991 E. Camelback Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85281

-Office Evolution: 4435 E. Chandler Blvd, Phoenix, Arizona 85048

-I am also Licensed in New Jersey and I offer telephone counseling for NJ residents

The House of Validation 

Relationship and Family Workshops


One day workshop – 5 hours - $125/hour (meals not included)

Two-day workshop- 2-day/5-hour workshops (weekend option only) - $125/hour (hotel/meal accommodations not included)

What to Expect at the Family/Couple Intensive Workshop?

The intensive workshop is intended to address challenging interpersonal relationships in a streamlined solution-focused format. With the intensive workshop you get 4.5 (1/2 lunch break on your own) hours of therapy in one single day.

Topics addressed in the intensive workshops:

• Managing unmet needs

• Learning perspective

• Validating one another’s perspective

• Improving communication skills

• Developing empathy for the other person/people in your family

• Resolving conflicts stemming from built up resentment

• Learning the different love language styles

• Establishing boundaries and setting expectations

• Creating guidelines for moving forward with a clean slate

Booking requirements:

• Workshops require a minimum of two-weeks-notice for scheduling

• A 50% deposit is required prior to the workshop – the other 50% is paid at the end of the workshop

• Deposits are non-refundable

• You must give Dejaye 48 hour notice to cancel the workshop (so that I can unblock the day)

• Each participant must fill out a workshop questionnaire and submit to Dejaye 7 days in advance of the workshop

• All participants must understand that this is a day to come with your defenses down and a willingness to participate in all of the activities

• If a person leaves the group, (walks out in anger), they may not return

• If you attend group under the influence of drugs/alcohol, you will be asked to leave

• Expect to be challenged with positive intentions 

Relationship Coaching

Codependency Recovery 




Extinguishing Fear & Traumatic Stress 

If you prefer 'less intensive' performance coaching we offer that service, however, please be mindful that insurance does not reimburse for coaching services. 

Coaching services can be provided in the office or most East Valley venues. 

We offer psychotherapy and intensive counseling services in the above locations and we are in network with Aetna, MHN, and coming soon BCBS and Cigna.  

Please be mindful, you must have a diagnosis for insurance reimbursement.  

Pricing for Coaching:

In-Person Coaching Session - 90 Minutes: $200

Telephone Coaching - 60 Minutes: $125

Text Coaching - $1.00 per minute

General Psychotherapy Fees

Reference for In-Network Provider Reimbursement Rates:

90791 Intake Session (1st Appointment) $115.50

90832 30 minute session 54.65

90834 45 minute session 73.06

90837 60 minute session 91.33

90847 Family/Couple Therapy 91.77

Fees for Out of Network

Procedure Code Description Rate of Reimbursement

90791 Intake Session $150.00

90832 30 minute session 75.00

90834 45 minute session 125.00

90837 60 minute session 150.00

90847 Family/Couple Therapy 190.00


Tukee Teen Talk 

This is a life skills group for teens who struggle with social anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying, family crisis challenges, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and at-risk behaviors. 

We use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma Recovery, and Solution-Focused Modalities.


$30 Per Group

Click on the picture to the right for registration paperwork 

Public Speaking 

Dejaye Botkin was an Adjunct Psychology Professor with Centenary University between 2000 and 2015. 

Dejaye presents to school faculty, parenting organizations, and community programs. 

Topics Include:

Suicide Warning Signs

Understanding Self-Harm

Understanding Children and Adolescents

Trauma Informed Care

Introduction to Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment 

The Psychology of the Bully 

Understanding the LGBTQ Clients

Recognizing High Functioning Autism 

Customized Presentations Available Upon Request


$300 Per Hour 

(Must have projector for PowerPoint and technical assistance available)


Many couples who are consciously uncoupling want a conflict-free, low cost separation.  Mediation offers the ability to formally separate and/or divorce without going broke. High conflict divorces can cost thousands of dollars and create stress for the whole family.  Mediation is private, efficient, and affordable. Mediation services do not grant the divorce, (you still have to go to court for the dissolution agreement), however, during mediation we create the Memorandum of Understanding which is the most important component of divorce, often causing the most distress.  

The Memorandum of Understanding Includes:

Property Settlement Details

Child Custody Details

Holiday Planning

College Planning 

Alimony and Child Support Expectations 


$200 per 60 minute session. 

90 Minute Session (recommended) $250

$200 per document 

Telephone consultation $3.00 per minute 

Clinical Supervision 

Dejaye has completed the coursework and testing requirements to become a Clinical Supervisor in the State of Arizona.  


$50 per 60 minute session

"Dejaye has been one of the best influences of my life because of her demeanor, ability to tell me the truth, and helping me to change my mindset. I went  from feeling like I needed to live in chaos to allowing myself to be happy."

Client, Tempe

"Social services is a tough job but so critical in helping people.  You did that for me and I appreciate your wisdom, heart, and knowledge more than I can express. You made a difference in our life."

 Parent, Scottsdale

"Thank you for presenting a wonderful, informative, and dynamic presentation to our district staff.  It was evident that a great deal of planning went into preparing this important message.  I greatly appreciate your expertise in delivering this much needed program."

Principal, Andover School District

Click on the picture for paperwork 

Intake Paperwork